Research Streams

Fisherman of the Lake, Thailand
Sasin Tipchai

Research Streams

The Environmental Justice and Global Citizenship project is a growing interdisciplinary portfolio of research events, programmes, workshops, seminars, conferences, symposia, courses, on-line courses and a range of related activities. They will appear here as they launch or become available on-line.

Environmental Justice. What is the role of global citizenship in achieving environmental justice? How can we frame global challenges such that all voices, present and future, human and nonhuman, are heard? This research stream provides opportunities for collaboration across disciplines and geographic boundaries to explore, frame and solve problems of environmental and global injustice. ‘Environmental justice’ is conceived broadly to consider the rights of multiple populations: human rights, including those of future generations, the rights of other species, ecosystems, and the rights of the environment as a whole. ‘Global citizenship’ includes issues of identity, agency, empowerment, communities and inclusion. Both concepts are fundamental to what is happening at the intersections of nature, humans and society. They encompass the struggles of women in the streets of Afghanistan, as well as those of Iranians gathering water from pot holes. They are evidenced by the disappearance of honeybees from the garden, and the appearance of plastic detritus in distant ocean depths.

Food and Sustainability What is food justice? How can we create sustainable food systems? What are the best ways to engage institutions of higher education in the quest for food security, poverty reduction and environmental justice? What are the benefits in creating a network of academic researchers, community activists, government officials and policy makers for the development of socially inclusive, ecologically minded and sustainable food systems? This research stream sets out to investigate the ways in which communities stakeholders and institutions of higher learning have joined forces in the pursuit of environmental justice, to create sustainable food systems, fight poverty, and make good nutrition available to all.

If you have an idea for a project, conference, workshop, seminar or any related kind of activity, please do not hesitate to get in touch and share your ideas. So many of our projects start when someone says: “I’ve always wanted to do something on….” or “I’ve got a great idea for a event…”. Share it with us. We love hearing about what people are interested in wanting to do. And who knows what might happen or where it might lead!