The Non-Governmental Organisations Project

The NGO Project

Welcome to the Project
The Global Project on NGOs seeks to promote greater understanding of the sector, its societal contributions, current operational practices and strategies for future development through a raft of conferences, workshops, short courses and special events that foster inter-disciplinary dialogue. By bringing together representatives from NGOs, researchers and professionals working in fields where NGOs are active, the project will foster engagement that explores the factors, circumstances and historical changes that influence the development and activities of NGOs as well as the organisational, financial and political challenges facing the sector today.

Core Themes for Development
The project will explore a number of key core themes including:

  • Types and activities of NGOs
  • Funding
  • Networking, sharing information and expertise
  • Legitimacy and sustainability
  • Regulatory Environments in which NGOs Operate
  • NGOs and Cross Culture Relations
  • NGOs and (Inter)National Economies

Related themes will also be identified for development and exploration. It is anticipated that a series of associated research projects will develop out of our deliberations.