Queer Sexualities


Welcome to the Queer Sexualities project home page. The purpose of this inter-, multi- and transdisciplinary project is to critically approach the concept of ‘queer sexualities’ by exploring constructions of sexuality in cultural discourse, aesthetic representation and modes of social practice across cultures and historical periods. The project will also address issues deeply rooted within queer sexuality, namely, questions of identity and its representations, interpretations, enhancement and destabilisation, the importance of the sexual minorities community, sexual diversity as well as the discrimination and assimilation of queer sexualities and its representatives.

The project will explore and assess a number of core themes:

• historiography of queer sexualities
• the politics of queer sexualities
• LGBTQ community and queertopias
• aesthetic representations of queer identities/sexualities
• queerotica vs. queerporn
• queer diversity and discrimination
• theories of queer sexualities (queer theory, straight queer theory, sexuality studies, disability studies, feminist perspective, fat studies, etc)

These are indicative themes; as the project develops, further areas of research will be added for exploration and examination.