Meet The Team

socialmediaheaderMeet the Team

Project Director
The Project Director oversees the vision of the project, endows it with momentum and coordinates the work of the project team. The position is presently vacant.

Project Team
The project team work together to deliver a range of events, activities and courses across all areas of the project.

petrerehlingPetra Rehling leads and convenes the #hashtag project. Petra is a German sinologist, freelance journalist, artist, and independent scholar. From 2002 to 2013, she has worked as Associate Professor in an English Department at a Taiwanese university. Her main research is in popular culture, especially film, media and cultural studies. Her research over the past two decades has taken her on extended stays to Hong Kong and Taiwan, and her publications include a book on Hong Kong cinema (2005), articles on Wong Kar-wai, science fiction, wuxia, cyberculture, and the Harry Potter phenomenon. She is currently working at a university in Spain.

Further members will join the team as events, activities and courses launch.