Care and the End of Life

terminallyillpatientCare and the End of Life

Care at the End of Life is an inclusive interdisciplinary research and publishing project which aims to explore the connections between health care systems at work across the world, matters of public, social and legal policy, caregivers and care providers, and people (‘patients’) who strive to make sense of suffering and find themselves at the end-of-life. The project seeks to focus on how health care systems, patients and staff intersect and interact during hospice and palliative care interventions. Attention will be given to illuminating the importance of what takes place in the relationship between the caregiver/provider and the person/patient and the ways in which this informs end-of-life issues and decisions. Understanding the frameworks these create for shaping the experiences of people who are suffering and nearing the end of their lives, especially within hospice and palliative care contexts, will be assessed and evaluated.

The project will be of particular interest to people from all contexts, disciplines and professions who wish to explore the intersections between the medical, the social and the personal.