Fears and Anxieties in the 21st Century

Fears and Anxieties in the 21st Century: The European Context

 Welcome to the Project
Welcome to the Fears and Anxieties in the 21st Century Project. This will focus both on interpretations of contexts in which fears and anxieties are relevant, for example, issues pertaining to literature, media, ethics, religion, politics, psychology, sociology, visual arts etc., but also on contexts such as the economy, health care, immigration, standard of living which are often the cradle of fears and anxieties. It is our intention to explore the scope and function of these complex emotions in the fragile fabric of contemporary Europe. We invite proposals on any area related to the conference purpose and encourage creative and challenging presentations.

Core Themes for Development
Among the themes which the project will seek to explore are:

  • Physical Health Fears
  • Mental Health Fears
  • New Technology/Media Fears
  • Civil Society Fears
  • Eco and Environmental Fears
  • Economic Fears
  • Political Fears
  • Existential and Religious Fears

Evolving the Project
The project will gradually evolve using a variety of critical and creative methods of delivery. Chief among these will be an annually repeating global conference platform, combined with regional meetings and events. These will give rise to accredited short courses, courses, programmes and open learning possibilities. There will also be schools and mini-schools to encourage interdisciplinary focus-specific studies. The project team will establish a support system based on an email discussion group and evolving research and resource centre along with a dedicated ebook, hard copy and journal publications. A wiki repository and the use of other social media channels will be built in to future developments within the project.