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Health: At the Interface

Perhaps one of the great contradictions in society is that we value good health, yet often commit ourselves to extreme positions and behaviours that compromise our long-term health goals. In pursuing busy, active lives, regardless of personal cost, we allow ourselves to become distracted and distanced from the demands and stresses of painful and tired bodies. We exist in societies where medical care is often inadequate to meet the needs of the population, and where government policies around issues such as environmental pollution, labour laws and even food labelling actually endanger our good health.

Whether health is regarded as a value in itself, or an instrument to greater human productivity, the tendency to ignore, conceal or minimise painful truths concerning threats to human health presents a complex problem in need of inter-disciplinary responses. The Health Project aims to provide a platform for examining and exploring issues surrounding the ways people experience health issues directly and indirectly, on a personal or professional basis. The impact of health, its presence and its absence, and how human beings regard and engage with it is complex and multi-layered.

Therefore, the project invites individuals and groups from all backgrounds, disciplines, professions, and vocations to come together in dialogical partnerships to explore the essential characteristics of this question and engage in activities that enhance current understanding, generate new ways of looking at ‘health’ and inform future policies, practice, and caring.