Conference Programme, Abstracts and Papers

1st Global Conference


Friday 30th April – Sunday 2nd May 2010
Prague, Czech Republic

The programme for the conference is available below. Delegates are listed according to the session in which they appear. Clicking on the Session Title will take you to the abstracts (where available) for that session. Each delegate is listed according to their affiliation.

Final Conference Programme

Friday 30th April 2010
from 12.30

Welcome and Opening Words
Bob Brecher

Session 1: Democracy’s Exclusions
Chair: Cathy Bergin

Democracy and Listening
Gideon Calder

Democracy as Hegemony?
Thomas Decreus

Democracy in Silence: Speaking, Silence and the Saturday Vigils in Turkey
Zeynep Goker


Session 2: Forms of Democracy
Chair: Gideon Calder

Populist Representation and Agonistic Politics
Tim Houwen

Let the Dice Decide: A Qualified Argument for Sortitionist Democracy
Paul Lucardie

Problems of Democracy Promotion “How to Promote Democracy in Poorly Governed States?”
Katharina Noussi

Notices and Announcements

Wine Reception

Saturday 1st May 2010
Session 3a: Democracy’s “Others”
Chair: Thomas Decreus

Democracy: Its Premise and its Promise; Its Crisis and its Critique
Stella Gaon

Democracy and Colonisation
Neve Gordon

The Democratic Boundary Problem
Marcus Verschoor

Session 3b: Case Studies
Chair: Ayelet Harel-Shalev

Direct Democracy vs. Democracy by Representation in the Middle East
Zvi Barel

Unravelling the Boundaries of Democracy between the ANC and the Media in South Africas
Glenda Daniels

Market-model Politics in Contemporary Post-socialism: The Case of Serbia
Josip Kristovic


Session 4a: Democracy in Practice I
Chair: Rinella Cere

The Controversy about Muslim Education in Austrian Democracy
Cornelia Caseau

Democratic Citizens: How Young People Talk about Democracy and Diversity
Isolde de Groot

Democracy as a Collection/Society of Porcupines
Nil Simsek

Session 4b: Justifying Democracy
Chair: Mark Devenney

Equality: Empowerment or Regressive Egalitarianism?
Nicolas Bechter

Radical Democracy and Associative Ethics
Jason Edwards

Democracy World-wide? A Reflection on the Questions, ‘What is Democracy?’ and ‘What is it Good For?’
Evert van der Zweerde


Session 5a: Democracy in Practice II
Chair: Isolde de Groot

Public Opinion and Democracy: “Comfortable” Bedfellows?
Rinella Cere

The Right to Democracy!
Rory O’Connell

Hard Work, Obligation and the Price of Belonging: Thinking and the Democratic Subject
Paul Reynolds

Session 5b: Panel: Contemporary Challenges to the Definition of ‘the Demos’
Chair: Neve Gordon

Popular Sovereignty in a Globalised World
Dani Filc

Demos vs. Minorites: The Status of Homeland Minorities on Nation States
Ayelet Harel-Shalev

Globalisation, Solidarity and Political Opposition within Democracies
Rebecca Kook

Coffee  and time for a break, sightseeing, etc.

Sunday 2 May 2010
Session 6a: What is Democracy? I
Chair: Giuliana di Biase

Immanent or Spectral Democracy?
Dominik Hasler

The Hatred of Democracy Revisited
Franc Rottiers

Session 6b:
Deliberative Democracy I
Chair: Thomas Nys

Cultivating Autonomy: A Perfectionist Justification of Deliberative Democracy
Stephen Elstub

Critical Notes on Habermas’s Theory of the Public Sphere
Simon Susen


Session 7a: What is Democracy? II
Chair: Franc Rottiers

Universal Suffrage or Democracy?
Mary-Ann Crumplin

What Counts as Democracy? Is Democracy Really What Counts?
Giuliana di Biase

Democracy, Ideology and Equality
Mark Devenney

Session 7b: Deliberative Democracy II
Chair: Stephen Elstub

Deliberative Democracy as a Learning Process: A Refutation of Habermas’s Deliberative Democracy
Vivienne Boon

The Deliberative Case Against the Secret Ballot (and Why it Fails)
Bart Engelen  andThomas Nys


Session 8a: Democracy Beyond the State
Chair: Rinella Cere

Democracy and the World Social Forum: Democratic Ideas in Transnational Social Movements
Gabriele De Angelis

Revisiting the Public/Private Distinction: A Deleuzian Perspective
Mohammedbagher Forough

Grassroots Politics: Democratic Movements as Complex Systems
Scott Henkel

Session 8b: Democracy and Other Matters
Chair: Mary-Ann Crumplin

Democracy and the Novel
Cathy Bergin

Against Liberalism: An Essay on the Decline of Politics and Civilisation
Isobel David

Democracy and Intimacy: Contrasting Views on a Controversial Connection
Joaquim Negreiros


Development Meeting and Closing Remarks (for all delegates)

Conference Close