Memory, Trauma, Truth, Engagement

wttpWelcome to the Testimony: Trauma, Memory, Truth and Engagement project portal page. This inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary project seeks to examine the evolving genres and emerging contexts of testimony, the way it is produced, the channels and manner in which it is communicated and the consequences it has and sometimes forces on those who hear or read it. This project will examine testimony in a number of differing contexts: ethical and aesthetic, legal and juridical, personal and collective, fictional and non-fictional–to just name a few.

In a wider context this project seeks to engage issues concerning human rights and social justice within an inter-, multi- and transdisciplinary forum in order to begin to dialogue and understand the varying forms, uses, reception, and impact of testimony in the twenty-first century.

testctfdCore themes will initially revolve around 4 key areas of focus; 1) trauma and memory, 2) truth and reconciliation, 3) pedagogy and civic engagement and 4) literary and filmic witnessing. A pictorial representation of indicative themes can be seen by clicking here.

tetpThe project will gradually evolve using a variety of critical and creative methods of delivery. Chief among these will be an annually repeating global conference platform, combined with regional meetings and events. These will give rise to accredited short courses, courses, programmes and open learning possibilities. There will also be schools and mini-schools to encourage interdisciplinary focus-specific studies. The project team will establish a support system based on an email discussion group and evolving research and resource centre along with a dedicated ebook, hard copy and journal publications. A wiki repository and the use of other social media channels will be built in to future developments within the project.