Tranquillity Studies


“Life is lived one breath, one smile, one heartbeat at a time”

We live in a very stressful society. We all must deal with situational stress, created by specific incidents in our home or work life. In addition trying to balance the demands of our work and our personal life often contribute to a fear of not being good enough: at our job, as a parent or partner, or even as a person – all of which may contribute to insipient stress, which is a silent killer.

If we do not take steps to find balance and achieve moments of tranquillity within our lives then the chances are will succumb to depressions, chronic fatigue, life changing events or life threatening disease.

Each of us experiences different levels and types of stressful moments within our lives. These moments and our resilience to particular situations can be affected by finding moments of tranquillity to counterbalance the stress and return us to our equilibrium.

“Find balance in all things”

There are many approaches and practices that may be employed to help find tranquillity in the midst of chaos. Tranquillity Studies is a pioneering inter- and trans-disciplinary research and publishing network that explores tranquillity as a multi-layered experience and provides a forum to explore philosophies, conceptual frames, research and practices associated with Tranquillity and its influences and effects on human beings in isolation and within natural and urban environments.

Tranquillity Studies will be of interest to academics, artists, healthcare professional, clergy and other individuals seeking to explore the role and effects on Tranquillity of such areas as tranquillity and
~ and urban/rural spaces
~ architecture and design
~ audio-visual and sensory stimulii
~ and economics; poverty and tranquillity,  wealth and tranquillity, standards of living
~ and work; the Protestant work ethic; working environments and conditions; conditions ‘requiring’ tranquility’
~ and depression, stress, bi-polar disorder
~ and empirical research
~ and spirituality
~ in the context of health, illness and disease
~ and technology
~ treatments, therapies, councelling; holistic medicine/approaches to human being
~ and happiness; the nature of enjoyment
~ and beauty, fashion, style
~ techniques of
~ and spa experiences

This is an indicative list and as the project evolves further areas will be added and explored.

Tranquillity Studies provides a forum for the exploration of ideas, disciplines and practices. As well as providing a range of accredited short courses and distance learning programmes, each year there will also be meetings, conferences, events, interactive seminars and workshops as we seek to map and explore all aspects of tranquillity.