Tranquillity & Well Being


Tranquillity and Well-being is a strand within the Tranquillity Studies research and publications network. In particular, it seeks to explore the relationship between tranquillity and “well-being”, taking into account the individual and personal, communal and social, economic, medical, psychological and spiritual contexts within which people live and work.

Well-being is often characterised as the quest for balance in the way we live. Popularly referred to as the ‘work/life balance’ it is actually a more complicated collection of competing factors and forces which influence what we do, how we live and the ways we react to these. Stress, anxiety, tension, pressure and even trauma permeate our personal, home and work place situations. Further, grappling with and seeking to balance the demands of our work and our personal life often contribute to a fear of not being good enough: at our job, as a parent or partner, or even as a person – all of which have effects for our mental as well as our physical well-being.

If we do not take steps to find balance and achieve moments of tranquillity within our lives then the chances are we will succumb to depressions, chronic fatigue, life changing events or life threatening disease.

Each of us experiences different levels and types of stressful moments within our lives. These moments and our resilience to particular situations can be affected by finding moments of tranquillity to counterbalance the stress and return us to our equilibrium.

Tranquillity and well-being looks to explore how it is possible to achieve balance in the lives we lead.