Domestic Abuse and Violence

Photodream Art

Throughout mankind’s history one constant factor has been violence, whether triggered by emotional responses to a situation; as the result of attack by an enemy, or simply as a necessity for survival. Today this still holds true and violence in its many forms surrounds us all no matter where we live or work. The impact it has on our lives can be anything from minimal to catastrophic and by its very nature it will have a practical effect on those whom it touches, yet not everyone will experience the same types of violence or react in the same way. It is this diversity and topicality which we would like to explore in greater depth as part of this project and in doing so we offer a platform for examining the practical applications in our lives and the implications for individuals and society both now and in the future. The suggestions which are outlined below, focusing as they do more on the single unit (be it an individual, a family, a company, group or society), and the present century, move us away from historical violence and instead embrace notions of domestic abuse, of cyber-bullying, of industrial or commercial violence and may include ideas relating to revenge, to slavery, to trafficking, to terrorism and to gangs. As the project develops we hope to explore all these strands in depth so that we can enhance our understanding of what Violence really means. However, let us start off with some basic ideas, the first of which is that of Domestic Violence or Abuse.