In Hibernation

The projects listed in this section are those which are presently ‘hibernating’. This may be due to a decision taken by the project’s steering group to rest the project for a period of time; or because it was felt a project in its present form had exhausted the possibilities for meaningful exploration and is pending a rewrite; or because we may be looking for a project leader to invigorate and give it a new lease of life; or simply because we feel the project has reached the end of its natural life.

‘Care’ in Healthcare
Culture, Politics, Ethics
Ethics in Public Life
Good Sex, Bad Sex: Sex Law, Crime and Ethics
Health, Illness and Disease
Intellectuals, Knowledge, Power
Music and the Creation of Meaning
Paradigm Shifts
Persons and Animals
Persons, Intimacy and Love
Problems of Democracy
The Gothic
The Idea of Education
The Value of Knowledge
Times of Our Lives