Conference Programme, Abstracts and Papers

2nd Global Conference


Friday 12th March – Sunday 14th March 2010
Salzburg, Austria

The programme for the conference is available below. Delegates are listed according to the session in which they appear. Clicking on the Session Title will take you to the abstracts (where available) for that session. Each delegate is listed according to their affiliation.

Final Conference Programme

Friday 12th March 2010
from 12.30

Welcome and Opening Words
Rob Fisher and Paul Reynolds

Session 1: Ethics and Contemporary Capitalist Modernity

Chair:  Paul Reynolds

A “New Global Ethics”?  UNESCO’s Cultural Diversity Convention
Ben Garner

Public Policy Theories and Ethical Dimension
Arash Moussavi

Rooted and Flowing: Ethical Subjectivity in Late Modernity
Celia Grace Kenny


Session 2: Ethics in the Public Sphere
Chair: Celia Grace Kenny

Culture, Politics, and Ethics: Media Representation of Immigrants and Policy in Canada
Ritendra Tamang

Italian Mafia in the Spectrum of Culture and Politics
Baris Cayli

The Idea of the University: 10 years after the Bologna Process
Sonia Pavlenko & Cristina Bojan

Wine Reception

Saturday 13th March
Session 3a: Ethics, Politics and Cultural Difference I
Chair: Ben Garner

Acculturation of a Cult Figure : The Infusion of Sonia Gandhi as a Matriarchal Figure into the Indian National Congress as well as the Multicultural / Multilingual Political Space of India
Reshmi Reghunath

A Reformulated Orientalism: The Impact of Cultural Visions on Reconstruction of Turkey’s Tourism and Cultural Heritage Policies
Neslihan Binatli Hekimoglu

Sociological Examination of the Relationship between Democracy and Secularism: Case Study of France Great Revolution and Islamic Revolution of Iran
Mehdi Rafiee

Session 3b: Ethics, Politics, Policy I
Chair: Alison Wolanski

The Contemporary Kurdish Question of Turkey
Nazli Sila Cesur

Irish-America, Memory and Ethics: The Northern Ireland Peace Process and Lesson Learning for U.S. Foreign Policy
Martin Russell

NPT as a Social Contract: Challenges and Options for 2010 RevCon
Salma Shaheen


Session 4a: Ethical Questions
Chair : Philipp Altmann

What About The Nonhumans In Communities Experiencing Conflict? A Case For Revising Perceptions On Democracy And Freedom
Artwell Nhemachena

General Disadvantage and the Intermingling ‘ethos’ of Work, Consumption and Authenticity
Isaac González-Balletbó & Roger Martínez-Sanmartí

“New Ethics” In Understanding Politics?
Gülşen Seven

Session 4b: The ‘Real’ Injustice of a ‘Hyper-real’ Politics – An Interactive Workshop
Chair  Angela Bartram

The ‘Real’ Injustice of a ‘Hyper-real’ Politics – An Interactive Workshop
Claudia Megele, Peter Buzzi


Session 5: Session Free For Seeing Salzburg and Informal Discussions


Session  6:  Ethics and Political Thinking I
Chair:  Scott Boyd

Identity Politics and Interculturality – The Case of Ecuador
Philipp Altmann

New Politics and Contemporary Public Life:  Will Citizens Love Politics Again?
Giuliana Di Biase

ThePpolitical and the Ethical Significance of the Concept of Need in Political Philosophy
Demet Evrenosoglu

Sessions End

Sunday 14th March
Session 7: Aesthetics, Culture and Politics
Chair: Peter Buzzi

The Sacrifice Made by Audiences: The Complicit Discomfort of Viewing Performance Art
Angela Bartram and Mary O’Neill

Inter-artistic Identities Within the Socio-political Space
Bello Benischauer & Elisabeth M Eitelberger

‘Ways of Peeing’: Traces of Modernity In the Public Lavatory
Eray Çaylı


Session 8a: Aesthetics and Ethics
Chair: Giuliana Di Biase

Towards a Geo-Political Understanding of Architecture
Alison Wolanski

Images of the Dead: Ethics and Contemporary Art Practice
Mary O’ Neill

Benjaminian Memory in Contemporary Work of Art
Paula Kuffer

Session 8b: Ethics, Politics, Policy III
Chair:  Martin Russell

Son Preference Culture and Female Children’s Empowerment in China
Wendy Wang

China’s Strategies towards Southeast Asia: An Effort to Go through the Black Box of Chinese Decision Making
Jenn-Jaw Soong & Nghia Khac Nguyen

The End of ‘New Politics’ in Thailand? The Fall of Thaksin Regime and Its Implications for Thai Democracy
Pei-Hsiu Chen, Jenn-Jaw Soong


Session 9: Ethics, Interpretation, Practice
Chair: John McSweeney

Reintroducing Ethics and Social Justice Concerns into the Academic Equation?
Ken Kyle

Ethics in Trouble: A Philosopher’s Role in Moral Social Practice
Anne Siegetsleitner

Political Paradoxes and Crises of Interpretation in the Context of Contemporary Cultural Relations
Slavica Srbinovska


Session 10: The Ethical Turn
Chair: Ben Garner

Time, Interdisciplinarity, and Ethics in Autopoietic Cultures
Scott H. Boyd

From Decision to Event: Complicating Badiou’s Politics of Truth
John McSweeney

The Ethical Turn and Post-Marxism: Some Critical Remarks
Paul Reynolds

Summary/Development Discussion led by Paul Reynolds

Conference Close