Catwalk 4.1 (2015)


Catwalk 4.1 (2015)


175 mm x 250 mm
10 mm

A theme inevitably develops as we put each issue of Catwalk together, and what emerged as an organising principle for issue 4.1 is the symbolic and emotional meanings of the clothes we admire and the garments we actually wear.


Letter from the Editor
Jacque Lynn Foltyn

The ‘New Look’ Woman in the City and on the Street as Represented in
Fashion Photography
Jess Berry

Feminism in Italy in the 1970s: Fashion, Identity, and Creativity
Anna Balzarro

Wardrobe Affect: Addressing Decisions about What to Wear
Emma Thompson

Contemporary Fashion Tastemakers: Starting Conversations that Matter
Rachel Matthews

Exhibition Reviews

Wedding Dresses 1775-2014 (The Victoria and Albert Museum, London)
Cassandra Schrøder Holm

Death Becomes Her: A Century of Mourning Attire (The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
Leonard R. Koos

Feuerbach’s Muses – Lagerfeld’s Models (Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg)
Michael A.Langkjær

Current and Forthcoming Exhibitions

Book Reviews

Vampire Culture, by Maria Mellins
Jessica C. Locke and Antonio Alcalá

Queer Style, by Adam Geczy and Vicki Karaminas, and Fetish Style, by Frenchy Lunning
Jess Berry

Fashion and Museums: Theory and Practice, edited by Maria Riegels Melchior and Birgitta Svensson
Craig C. Douglas

Briefly Noted Books

Chief Editor:
Jacque Lynn Foltyn, PhD
Professor of Sociology, College of Letters and Sciences, National University, USA

Exhibition Reviews Editor:
Laura Petican, PhD
Texas A&M, USA

Book Reviews Editor:
Jess Berry, PhD
Griffith University, Australia