Embodied Performance: Design, Process and Narrative


Embodied Performance: Design, Process and Narrative


Edited by Sadia Zoubir-Shaw

Format: Print (paperback)

Year: 2016

Embodied Performance: Design, Process, and Narrative features interdisciplinary research from international scholars interested in the multifaceted world of performance. The showcased theatrical events unfold in diverse settings resulting into multidimensional and multicultural staged narratives.

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Embodied Performance: Design, Process, and Narrative is the culmination of interdisciplinary research bringing together international scholars who share a common interest in the multiple meanings and facets of performance. The chapters present a wide variety of perspectives on theatrical events unfolding in diverse settings, and leading to multidimensional and multicultural staged narratives processed through a virtual, historical, anthropological, neurological, or societal lens. The first part of the volume, centred on interactive-ness and performative experience, invites the reader to partake in interpreted and (re)created spaces, while the second focuses on design and movement, and investigates processes in performance practices and creations. From culinary theatre, dance and costume design, to theatrical fashion, image processing, virtual spaces, visual illusion, and staged history, these chapters tell and show, in their own voice and their singular perspective, a ‘story’ whose substance undeniably bridges the gap between the language of expression and that of perception.

Sadia Zoubir-Shaw

Part I Performing Extravaganza: Cultural and Social Narratives

Introduction to Part I
Sadia Zoubir-Shaw

Staging History: A Performative Experience
Sadia Zoubir-Shaw

Visual Aspects of ‘Culinary Theatre’ Performance Practice
Pnina Porter

From Lucile’s Showroom to Ziegfeld’s Stage: Fashion, Celebrity Culture and Theatre Spectacle
Anne K. Reilly

Training the Machine: Movement, Metaphor and Motion Capture
Susan L. Wiesner, Rommie L. Stalnaker and Anicka Austin

Part II Performing Visuality: Design and Movement

Introduction to Part II
Sadia Zoubir-Shaw

Imagined Spaces: Motion Graphics in Performance Spaces
Arthur M. Steijn

From Butoh to Butohs: Produits d’autres circonstances (2009) By Xavier Le Roy and the Image Processing of a Body Practice
Catherine Girardin

De-Signing Visual Stimuli: A Dance-Maker’s Toolkit
Helene Gee Markstein

Drawing with the Body and Cloth
Jessica Bugg

Sadia Zoubir-Shaw is an Associate Professor of French and Linguistics at the University of Kentucky. She teaches in the Linguistics Programme and in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, and is interested in interactive learning and multi-modal pedagogical approaches. Through innovative and integrative teaching, she incorporates performance in her content-based courses, applies Second-Language-Acquisition theory, and uses the standards and principles of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages to foster oral and written proficiency as well as socio-linguistic and intercultural competence in language learning.