Exploring Ethnographic and Non-Ethnographic Approaches of Suicide and Self-Harm

Suicide and Self Harm Front

Exploring Ethnographic and Non-Ethnographic Approaches of Suicide and Self-Harm


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Ethnographic and non-ethnographic approaches to suicide and self-harming are explored in this volume. With contributions from authors with research, teaching and practical experience in the field of suicide, usually seen as a solution, a response to the collapse of hopes, plans and expectations and a complex death phenomenon surrounded by fear and taboo, this volume attempts to add to little empirical research on suicide and self-harm as the fastest-growing behavioural problem amongst teenagers and adolescents. It is a must-read book for anyone with an interest in the field.

Elena Xeni

Fieldwork Strategies on Pro-Self-Harm Virtual Communities
Lina CasadĂł-MarĂ­n

Living on the Edge of Risk: Representations of Suicide among Students of Vocational Training at the National Police Academy (Brazil)
Tatiane Almeida and AbĂ­lio Oliveira

Self-Harming Behaviour among a Community Sample of South African Young Adults
Freda van der Walt

Proposals to Introduce a Tribunal for Assisted Suicide in the UK
Claudia Carr

Assisted Suicide and Jewish Law (Halakhah): The Conflict of Quality of Life and Sanctity of Life in the UK
Claudia Carr

Tokoku’s Suicide and Emerson’s Optimism
Shunichi Ueno

Soil: Investigating the Use of Soil and Dirt in the Work of Three Performance Artists
Claire Rousell

Visual Healing: A Path towards Forgiveness
Maura Freeman

Elena Xeni is a Teaching Fellow in Language Arts/Literacy at the Department of Education, University of Cyprus. Between the years 2007-2013, she was an Adjunct Teaching Staff in Language Arts/Literacy at the Bachelor Programme in Sciences of Education (BPSE Programme), University of Luxembourg. Her teaching and research interests focus on best practices in language and literature teaching and learning, teacher training and children’s literature translation process research (ChLTPR).