Narratives of Suffering: Meaning and Experience in a Transcultural Approach

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Narratives of Suffering: Meaning and Experience in a Transcultural Approach


This book explores the universal human condition of suffering through an inter-disciplinary approach, aiming to make sense of it through new research tools, methods and interpretations.

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This volume explores how people come to terms with suffering, how they experience the mystery of this human condition, and how future studies can shed some further light on the topic. Various perspectives are represented here, such as the use of narratives to delve into the reality of suffering, the emotional trauma that suffering brings, the narrative process, which manifests phenomenology and intersubjectivity and the emergence of gendered models of suffering. These approaches derive from multiple fields of research, creating a multi-perspectival view of suffering that transcend long-held disciplinary boundaries and stimulate a broader dialogue within contemporary scholarship on suffering-related themes. Such plurality points out that, in the end, despite its negative connotations, suffering positively affects individuals and society as it enables recognition of common bonds that link all people from all nations and all races. Compassion and sympathy leads to a transcendence that this book seeks to highlight.

Introduction: Suffering, Selfhood and Knowledge
Lolita Guimarães Guerra

Part I Theorizing Suffering

Can a Charismatic Theology of Healing Neglect a Theology of Suffering?
Reginald Alva

Suffering and Autonomy of Nature from a Theological Perspective
Andrzej Dańczak

Suffering as Capability Deprivation: A Capabilities-Based Sociological Perspective
Spiros Gangas

Part II Narrative and Selfhood: The Communication of Suffering within Identity Making

Between Lovemaking and an Autopsy, Hanif Kureishi’s My Ear at His Heart: Reading My Father
Luísa Maria Flora

The Voices of Storytellers
B. Sultan Yetgin and Hasan Şen

Suffering and Loneliness: Experiential Isolation in Post-Traumatic Narrated Lives
Jacob Y. Stein and Rivka Tuval-Mashiach

Language, Suffering and Meaning Making in the Context of Trauma
Sreevidya Surendran

The Colour of the Halo of Death: Suffering and Divinity in Aelius Aristides’
Hieroì Lógoi

Gender, Melancholia and the ‘Fallen Woman’: Gendered Visions of Mental Illness in The Hours
Matthew Selway

The Girl in the Corner: Aesthetics of Suffering in a Digitalized Space
Hans T Sternudd and Anna Johansson

Gregory House: When Pain and Suffering Can Cure
Federica Jorio

Lolita Guimarães Guerra is a researcher and writer interested in themes such as the search of the Self, Incommensurability and Love. She teaches Ancient History at the Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana in Bahia, Brazil. Contact:

Jose A. Nicdao holds a PhD degree in Comparative Literature from the University of the Philippines. His dissertation was on literary translation of selected fiction in Chinese from Taiwan. Currently, he teaches literature at the University of Asia & the Pacific. He has been focusing his research on the works of Flannery O’Connor and on teaching literature.