New Perspectives on the Relationship between Pain, Suffering and Metaphor

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New Perspectives on the Relationship between Pain, Suffering and Metaphor


This volume examines the various approaches to suffering and providing care for those that are suffering.


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Culture plays a tremendous role in configuring the semi-permeable and inter-personal dynamics that exist between someone who is suffering and a caregiver. Culture not only presents and portrays ideas about how to manage, cope with and endure suffering; it also provides norms about the possible telos of suffering.

This inter- and mutli-disciplinary volume examines the various approaches to suffering: how to define it, discuss it, treat it, measure it, ‘hold it’, endure it, chart it, share it, and survive it. This text localized a broad array of perspectives that research, analyse and interpret the many interrelations and interactions that exist between someone suffering and those seeking to provide care.

Nate Hinerman

PART 1 Suffering as an Expression of Doctrinal Beliefs and/or Core Values

Experiences of Family Caregivers in the Context of Mental Illness: Suffering, Acceptance and Resilience
Bidisha Banerjee and Shikha Dixit

Overcoming Potential Suffering: Interpreting the Diagnosis of 15 Hereditary Ovarian and Breast Cancer at the Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital, Latvia
Agnese Dzervite, Maruta Pranka, Arvids Irmejs, Janis Gardovskis and Edvins Miklasevics

A Peculiar Beauty: The Theological Aesthetics of the Suffering Christ
Stephen Garrett

The Nature of Suffering and Suffering as a Question of Nature
Stein Hevrøy

Threads of Suffering: A Tapestry of Possible Meaning from Buddhism, to Frankl, Wiesel and Hospice
Janette McDonald

PART 2 Suffering as a Movement between an Individual and a Socio-Cultural Matrix

Turning Suffering into Narrative: Narrative as a Speech Act with Curative Effects: A Case Study
Tatiana Piccardi

Suffering as a Consequence of Disproportion: An Analysis from Paul Ricoeur’s Approach
MªVictoria Roqué and Isabel Morales Benito

Intimations of Mortality: Senile Dementia in Saturday (2005)
Luísa Maria Flora

Strange Connections: W. G. Sebald’s Representation of Suffering
Anna MacDonald

PART 3 The Personal Nature of Suffering

A Genealogy of Suffering
KJ Gilchrist

Adaptation and Acceptance in the Experience of Chronic Pain
Patricia Fennell and Sara Rieder Bennett

The Uniqueness of Suffering: A Philosophical Analysis
Nate Hinerman

Nate Hinerman teaches in the School of Nursing and Health Professions and the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of San Francisco. He serves as Chair of the San Francisco Bay Area Network for End-of-Life Care. He also maintains a psychotherapy practice, helping clients transition amidst loss.