Sport, Identity and Community

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Sport, Identity and Community


Edited by Andy Harvey and Richard Kimball

Year: 2016

Format: eBook (PDF)

This book explores the multitude of meanings and practices of sport as it is played, watched and understood by millions of people around the globe.

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Sport is multi-billion dollar business. Sport is a kick around in the park. Sport is high (and low) politics. Sport is said to shape admirable personal qualities. Sport is said to embed the worst of white male heterosexual able-bodied privilege. Sport is said to break down social barriers. Sport is said to entrench a narrow nationalism. The list of what sport is said to be can be extended almost ad infinitum.

This e-book attempts to make sense of some of the multiplicity of the ‘things’ that sport can be, mean and do. The papers in this volume explore the diversity of sport, providing insights from a wealth of perspectives into this ubiquitous cultural practice. The e-book will appeal to students, practitioners and readers who want to gain a fuller understanding of the games we watch and play.

Andy Harvey and Richard Kimball

Examining the Link between Leader–Member Exchange and Job Performance in Sport and Physical Activity Organizations
Süleyman Murat Yildiz

Sport’s Recent Representation in the Leisure Environment
Skye Arthur-Banning and Mary Wells

Effectiveness of Character and Leadership Development through Sport Using Game for Life Framework
Sean Huang and Shane Hong

Sport and Anti Sport: Big Game Hunting in Jim Corbett’s India
Rameshwer Singh and Rimjhim Singh

Sport, Terrorism, National Security, and the ‘Deep State’: Components of a Longitudinal Research Programme
Neil King

Sports Teaching in the International Inspiration Programme: An Exchange between Brazil and England
Rodrigo Falcão, Marcelo Soares and Marcílio Souza

Sport Facilitators: Re-examining the Role of Coaches in Community Projects
Phillipe Crisp

The UAE, Qatar & the Re-shaping of Global Football’s Boundaries
Salma Thani and Tom Heenan

Playing the Ball, Mapping the Ball: The Accidental Globalisation of Rugby League
Karl Spracklen

Sport: Ministerial Hopscotch and Disjointed Policy Outcomes, the Case of Jamaica
Christine Clarke

The Media, the Olympic Games and Business Enterprises
Oyelade Gabriel Oluwaseyi

The Stadium Tour as Sporting Creative Tourism: A Case Study of The Anfield Experience
Vivian Chiu

The Meaning of Sport as Multicultural Dialogue in Max Nordau’s Philosophy
Boryana Angelova-Igova

Andy Harvey is a researcher and programme manager at the Birkbeck Sports Business Centre, University of London. His research interests include sport, gender and sexuality. He has also undertaken research into match-fixing in sport.

Richard Kimball is an associate professor in the History Department at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, USA. His primary research interests include sport and race, masculinity, and the creation of athletic celebrity. He is the author of Sports in Zion (University of Illinois Press, 2003).