Urban Assemblage


Urban Assemblage


Edited by William Fourie

Year: 2016

Format: eBook (pdf)

This volume presents eight perspectives on urban space by investigating Parkour, anxiety in Johannesburg, young adults in Cork City, shop windows and resistance, Tuscan utopias, Neo-bohemian cafés, moralising theme parks, and the evolution of the hipster.

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From subversive shop windows to moralising theme parks, Urban Assemblage presents eight diverse perspectives on urban space and culture. The volume spotlights cities as far afield as Johannesburg and Cork City to see how different cultures, media, mobilities and narratives come to form the spaces we occupy; it looks at the Tuscan utopia, the evolution of the hipster, the Neo-bohemian café culture of gentrification, and breaking the rigid urban way of life through the fluid (identity) movement of Parkour. Not only is the subject matter diverse, but the interdisciplinary spirit at the core of this volume elicits convergences and divergences, intersections and parallels by drawing on wide-ranging methodologies and disciplines. Urban Assemblage is an assemblage of eight different voices, informed and cutting-edge in their explications of various urban spaces.

Introduction: Reading into the Spaces between Different Speeds, Dates and Subjectivities
William Fourie

Breaking the Meaning of Urban Space
Ties de Ruijter

Silent Lines: Urban Space and the Aesthetics of Crime
William Fourie

Sites of Solidarity: How a Transcultural Community of Young Adults in Ireland Use Media Production to Cultivate Solidarity and Deal with the Impact of ‘Big’ Events
Laura Kinsella

Shop Windows as the Texts of Urban Popular Culture: Between the Dominant Ideology and Resistance
Karina Stasiuk-Krajewska

Utopia and Dystopia in Narratives about Tuscany
Giulio Giovannoni

Artistic Spaces and Bohemian Lifestyles: Cafés as Spaces of Cultural Consumption
Weronika Maćków

Invoking Hell: Revisiting the Ten Courts in Haw Par Villa
Hsiao Yuz Tan

The Evolution of the Hipster: From Broyard’s Hipster and the Beats to the 21st Century
Ivana Bančić

William Fourie is a postgraduate student in musicology at Merton College, University of Oxford. His work is immersed in the intersections of social geography and the experimental and contemporary music of his home country, South Africa.