Whiteness Interrogated

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Whiteness Interrogated


Edited by Anum Dada and Shweta Kushal

Format: eBook (PDF)

Year: 2016

The obsession with Whiteness and its power systems that govern the world are the focus of this volume. At the same time, it also shows ways in which various peoples emulate, cope with as well as debunk the dominant rhetorics of Whiteness.

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Whiteness Interrogated crosses boundaries of both time and space, travelling from the Middle Ages to the United Sates, crossing the ocean to the southern shore of the United Kingdom, moving eastward to Japan and the Philippines and finally reaching the distant waters of Australia. This volume interrogates and engages with multiple issues and aspects of Whiteness, the obsession with Whiteness and its power systems that govern the world. The chapters within this volume also show ways in which various peoples emulate, cope with, and debunk the dominant rhetorics of Whiteness.

Shweta Kushal and Anum Dada

Part I Education, Law and the Australian Aboriginal

De-Race to E-Race: Exploring Possibilities for a Cautious Post-Race Agenda in Australia
Gordon Chalmers

The New Australian ‘Whitening Machine’? Contesting Whiteness in a Nation Growing Whiter
Samantha Schulz

Darkening Horizons: The Great White Divide in Peter Temple’s The Broken Shore and Truth
Christopher Przewloka

Part II Whiteness, History and Nationality

Shades of White: Irish Professionals Response to Immigrants
Martina Byrne

‘We Dare Entertain Thoughts Not to the Liking of Present-Day Bigots’: Radical Slavs, Race, Civil Rights and Anti-Communism in Red-Scare America
Robert M. Zecker

‘He Makes White Women the Servants of Negro Men’: Racialised Sexualities, ‘Perverted’ Bodies and White Masculinities in the Leo Frank Case
Kristoff Kerl

Part III Theorising Whiteness

The Trilemma of Anti-Racism
Mai-Anh Boger

Institutional White Sexuality
Miriam K. Damrow

Part IV Whiteness, Orientalism and Occidentalism

‘Bottle Blondes’: Beauty and Blonde Hair Colouring among the Peruvian Upper Class
Ana Sofia Janampa

How to Look Like a ‘Haafu’: Consumption of the Image of ‘Part-White’ Woman in Contemporary Japan
Hyoue Okamura

The Importance of Being White: Racialising Beauty and Femininity in Japanese Modernity
Noriko Watanabe

Fetishization of Whiteness: Ambivalence Towards Interracial Sexuality and Union in the ‘Chink and the Child’ by Thomas Burke
Shu Zeng

Part V Whiteness and Literature

Politics of the Inverted Fear in Linden Hills
Yuri Nagira

The Shadow of the White Creates Deeper Tones of Colour: A Fixture of Black Women’s Marginalisation in The Bluest Eye and Song of Solomon
Poonam Singh

Role-Playing as White Mothers in William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying and Light in August
Yen-Lian Liu

Altered Complexion: Changing the Playing Field
Eva Rose B. Washburn-Repollo

Christian Hybrids: Saracen Women in Middle English Romances
Anum Dada

Part VI  Cultural Constructions of Whiteness

The Creation of a New Redneck Identity in Duck Dynasty
Evangelia Kindinger

Between Camps/Colour Lines
Jamie Bradbury

Anum Dada is a tutor in the English Studies department at Durham University. Her research deals with the representation of Saracen women in Middle English romances and the exchange of cultural and literary knowledge between the East and the West during the Crusades.

Shweta Kushal holds a doctorate in English Literature and is an Assistant Professor in the area of Communications at the Indian Institute of Management, Indore, India. She has worked on intercultural spaces that migrants inhabit and the manner in which gender affects the experience of these spaces. Her current research focuses on social media and the self, Organizational Culture and the human element, advertising and the female image among others.