Culture & Community Nexus

Welcome to the Culture and Community Nexus homepage. The nexus is Inter-Disciplinary.Net’s hub for programming and research that explores the ¬†practices, customs, forces and phenomena around which cultures and communities emerge, evolve and shape the human experience.¬†Our aim is to generate¬†a robust range of activities that draw upon global perspectives and inter-, cross- and multi-disciplinary approaches to foster¬†better understanding, new ideas and boundary-pushing research. In keeping with the inclusive, egalitarian and humanistic ethos of Inter-Disciplinary.Net, the nexus welcomes participants from around the world and across the wide spectrum of academic and non-academic fields. This ethos also underpins the nexus’ rejection of hierarchies and prejudices that sometimes condition the study of culture. Instead, we promote a more holistic understanding of cultures and communities–whether designated as “mainstream”, “popular”, “sub-“, or “counter-” or otherwise–through projects that attend to historical as well as contemporary contexts and account adequately for the ways¬†race, gender, class, nationality and sexuality inform (and are informed by) the development of the cultures and communities under examination.


We welcome the submission of proposals for conferences, workshops, short courses, events and publications that deal with any aspect of culture and communities, especially those that take shape around:


Hobbies and leisure





Professional/institutional activities



Illegal, immoral, or inappropriate activities