Parental Control Made Easier with HoverWatch

Nowadays, modern parents have a lot of worries about the safety of their children. Considering the crime rate and danger level, there is a reason to be in fear. If you happen to look for an effective way that can help you take full control of your child’s phone, here is where you can do it with the HoverWatch app.

General Information about the App

HoverWatch is a complete surveillance tool for cell phones. Its main benefits are the extended functional base, easy-to-operate interface, free trial period, Windows/ MacOS compliance, and absolute service customization. The solution will enable you to remotely track what your kid does by viewing call logs, SMS logs, MMS logs, GPS location, and online activity. You can also control applications such as Facebook, Skype, Viber, and Instagram. The program is easy to download, install, and operate. It works on low power resources and does not affect the speed of the device.

How to Make the Program Work?

  • Download the program and install the application on the device you want to spy on.
  • Sign up for an account with your email address and password. They will be used to access the logs on the site.
  • Enter the name of the target phone.
  • Sign in to HoverWatch app with email and password registered earlier.
  • Get access to all the data on the site. Important, the “special” phone must have Internet access for sending server log files.

For more information, please check HoverWatch site.

Hoverwatch Phone Tracker

What Does HoverWatch Track?

The general functional scope of the application can be divided into three main categories based on the tracked device. These include cell phone monitoring, Windows tracking, and Mac monitoring.

Cell phone monitoring

  • Location tracking – find out if your child goes to school or somewhere he should not attend.
  • Calls tracking – know about all incoming and outgoing calls and view their details.
  • Text message tracking – keep track of messages and multimedia that are either sent or received or deleted from your phone.
  • Online behavior tracking - get a complete browser history and internet activity.
  • Instant messages tracking – get live a connection to every chat in real time. This refers to FB, Instagram, Skype, Viber, Telegram, etc.
  • MMS / SMS logs tracking – keep track of incoming and outgoing MMS / SMS.
  • Spyware attachments tracking – review all installed and uninstalled applications.
  • New contacts tracking – get all the new immediately registered to your online account.

Windows monitoring

  • Keylogging – owing to the function of recording all the pressed buttons, HoverWatch registers and saves any text typed on the keyboard.
  • Recording FB chats – the application provides you with a chance to review Facebook chats of your child. With this software, you will get access not only to textual messages but also to sent/ received videos, images, animation, etc.
  • Storing website visit history – HoverWatch works as a history tracker. The program makes records on the web pages your child visits, bookmarks he makes, and operations he proceeds online.
  • Making screenshots – review what your child does in front of a PC. Reveal whether he plays games that are under your ban or diligently does the homework.
  • Making records of Skype chats – just like with the FB tracking feature, HoverWatch records Skype communication. As a result, you receive a report with data on what messages have been sent/ received; who your child chatted with; how much time he spent online.

MacOS monitoring

  • Webcam shots making – the application takes and saves the photos with the web camera connected to the computer or the laptop built-in camera. In such a way, you can see where your child is and who is near him.
  • Clipboard saving – the program make records of the exact history of the clipboard activity. As a result, you receive a report containing messages/ operations typed/ performed on the clipboard.

How Does Customer Support Work?

Apart from the extended FAQ section, one can submit his inquiry just in a few clicks. All the common questions that may appear during the usage of the spyware are clearly answered in the FAQ section. If any of the issues remain unresolved, you can always use the “Submit a Request” field to contact the support team immediately.

Are There Any Compatibility Limitations?

HoverWatch works perfectly fine on the devices running on Android, Windows, and MacOS. All these comply with the technical specs of the spyware, were tested and approved by QA engineers. Other devices do not match the specs of the application. In case you download/ install software on incompatible devices, there is the risk that the app will work at its functional maximum.

What Are the Tariff Plans?

Depending on your needs, you can choose any of the above tariff plans.

Hoverwatch Pricing

Be ready to pay from $8.33 per month for a personal subscription, $3.33 – for a family package, and $1,67 – for a business-scale services. The company lets you save even more money if you purchase a quarter/ yearly subscription. If you have any questions on pricing and billing, visit the page.

What Is Refund Policy?

The company values its customers and has a money-back guarantee for those who were unhappy with the service quality. However, you have seven days to request your money back. Otherwise, you will get a reject from the service. Contact the support team of the HoverWatch in case you want your money back.

Strong sides

  1. Broad functional map
  2. Free trial version
  3. Attractive pricing policy for personal usage
  4. Refund policy is available
  5. Compatible with Mac and Windows
  6. Demo mode is available
  7. Professional customer support
  8. Works smoothly on Android devices
  9. Intuitive interface
  10. Invisible mode of operation
  11. Easy to install
  12. Doesn’t slow down the device/ PC work

Weak sides

  1. Doesn’t work on iPhone, Blackberry and iOS devices
  2. 7-day money request period

Final Say

HoverWatch is compact, easy to install and use. Such a program is not concerned with such nuances as changing the SIM-card. It continues to transmit unnoticed data in any conditions. It is free to download and test. You will have several days of a trial period to test the application.

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