Research Streams

The Cultures, Traditions, Societies project is a growing interdisciplinary portfolio of research events, programmes, workshops, seminars, conferences, symposia, courses, on-line courses and a range of related activities. They will appear here as they launch or become available on-line.

diasporasDiasporas. This inter- and multi-disciplinary project seeks to explore the contemporary experience of Diasporas – communities who conceive of themselves as a national, ethnic, linguistic or other form of cultural and political construction of collective membership living outside of their ‘home lands.’  Key issues to be addressed include: what are the defining characteristics of Diasporas and what distinguishes one from the other? What role does ‘home’ and ‘host’ cultures play in developing relationships between communities in a global environment? How new is the concept of Diaspora?

intercultInterculturalism. The project recognises that identity is not something which is fixed and predetermined but rather is continuously created and recreated from the day-to-day flow of living in communities. With mobility not simply a commonplace factor in society but continuing to rapidly expand, people are faced with challenges to and changes in their own identity as a result of encounters with new cultures, new ways of living and new ways of thinking. People find themselves forging and reforming their identities through integration, assimilation, disintegration, reintegration…and so the pattern continues.

Migration. Migration has defined our age perhaps more than any other single issue, as the 20th and 21st centuries have been characterized by prolonged global mobility on a massive scale. This interdisciplinary research stream seeks to explore the contemporary experience of migration, to pose questions about how and why people move, and study the effects of that mobility. The project will examine how migration and the experiences of migration are conceived, discussed, represented, and understood, and how that understanding is subsequently applied or put into practice in governance and policy.

footprint-874093_640Roots and Legacies. This inter- and multi-disciplinary research stream explores the various aspects of how the past influences the present and the future and how every new generation is shaped by all those before it. The concept of “roots” is used broadly to encompass a wide range of origins people relate to, are influenced by and often hold dear (biological, familial, community, societal), while the term “legacies” makes reference to cultural and material aspects that are passed down among generations (allowing for both a positive and a negative connotation of inheritance).

saf6Strangers, Aliens, Foreigners. This multi-disciplinary project seeks to explore the crucial place that strangers, aliens and foreigners have for the constitution of self, communities and societies. In particular the project will assess world transformations, like phenomena we associate with the term ‘globalisation’, new forms of migration and the massive movements of people across the globe, as well as the impact they have on the conceptions we hold of self and other.

If you have an idea for a project, conference, workshop, seminar or any related kind of activity, please do not hesitate to get in touch and share your ideas. So many of our projects start when someone says: “I’ve always wanted to do something on….” or “I’ve got a great idea for a event…”. Share it with us. We love hearing about what people are interested in wanting to do. And who knows what might happen or where it might lead!