Critical Issues

The Critical Issues Domain is a collection of projects which aim to provide a forum for examining key contemporary issues. Projects in the series are ‘critical’ in two senses; first, they are critical in the sense of being significant – the areas being explored are of dominant and pressing concern in contemporary living and thinking. Second, they are critical in the sense of being questioning – the projects are designed to allow for a full, frank and thorough discussion of all aspects of the area being examined.

The purpose of the Domain is therefore to concentrate on grappling with contemporary issues using inter- and trans-disciplinary tools of analysis. The projects examine accepted practices and traditions, question received wisdom, engage with complex issues which dominate current thinking and sign-post the opportunities for interdisciplinary modelling in addressing such issues.

The work of the projects are a means by which people of differing professions, practices, backgrounds and contexts can interact and begin to critically evaluate key issues and concerns in order to map a common terrain for further exploration. The Hub aims to assist and promote the possibility for collaborative global research and publications.