Cyber Hub

Welcome. The Cyber Hub is a collection of inter-related research and publications projects which seek to explore the issues and implications created by the growing adoption and adaptation of digital technologies for inter-human communication and living, and focus on examining the continuing impact of emergent cybermedia for human culture and society.

The fact that cybermedial productions have become a central activity in online life opens a space for lasting study and research on the role of the individual, society and technology in contemporary cyberculture. The Cyber Hub research philosophy calls for the critical exploration of emerging cybermedia and bridging the actual divide between theory and practice in new media and urges for the formation of genuine interdisciplinarity as an essential precondition for overcoming this static disciplinary state.

The projects are built on the recognition that cybercultures are multi-layered and multi-leveled phenomena which need a wide range of perspectives to be brought to bear if we are to grapple with what they are, how we are to understand them and more importantly, the consequences they have for human living and thinking.

All the projects in this series are transdisciplinary in focus, drawing on the insights offered by the coming together of academics, professionals, ngo workers, vocational workers and business people. The Cyber Hub initiative focuses on identifying and understanding the key issues influencing the human in learning, living and entertaining in the digital environment.

Hub Leader

Daniel Riha is Hub Leader for the Cyber Hub.  Daniel specialises in New Media Studies and lectures at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. His research includes issues on Serious Games, Interactive Documentary Production and Multi-user Virtual Environments Design. Receiving his Ph.D from the Charles University in Prague, Daniel is also the winner of the 2004 Kunst am Bau (Art on Construction) International Net-Art Competition held in Germany.

Daniel can be contacted via email by clicking here.

Get Involved

The Hub is a centre of activity for all the various projects which presently take place within it. We welcome your involvement and interaction; you may choose to become involved as little or as much as you like.

The Hub Leaders run a blog which discusses issues and themes arising from all the projects within the Cyber Hub. The blog will be available from 1st March 2009. You will be able to access the blog by clicking here.

During the course of 2009 a number of email discussion groups will come in to existence, one for each of the projects we run. These will be listed here as soon as they ready along eith details on how to subscribe.

From April 2009 there will be a series of eForums where people can share resources, access information and get involved in on-line discussions.

And from July 2009 we will be launching a Repository Wicki which will aim to become a comprehensive collection of materials and resources relating to the themes and issues covered by the hub and its projects.