Probing the Boundaries

The Probing the Boundaries Domain is a collection of projects all focused on wrestling with a single question: what does it mean to be human? The sheer diversity and array of projects within the Hub belie the apparent deceptive simplicity of the question. Being – and understanding – what it is to be human is not easy; we struggle to understand who and what we are, how to live the world, ways of living with each other: human being is a multi-layered phenomenon, and as such we need a wealth of disciplines, insights, perspectives and practices in order to help us grapple with the issues and questions involved.

The Hub aims to blend disciplinary, theoretical and professional practices in order to survey research boundaries, plot the areas for collaborative exploration and draw upon existing knowledge bases in order to inform future research whilst illuminating the past. The research and publications projects aim to reflect on the boundaries of theory and practice and sign post where innovative and creative interdisciplinary work may be undertaken.

The work of the projects are a means by which people of differing professions, practices, backgrounds and contexts can interact and begin to probe the boundaries of the work presently being done in order to map a common terrain for further exploration. The Hub aims to assist and promote the possibility for collaborative global research and publications.