Cultural and Ethical Turns

Cultural and Ethical Turns: Interdisciplinary Reflections on Culture, Politics and Ethics
Edited by Ben Garner, Sonia Pavlenko, Salma Shaheen and Alison Wolanski

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This book brings together work that was presented at the 2nd Global Conference on Culture, Politics, Ethics held in Salzburg, Austria, in March 2010. It offers a series of interdisciplinary reflections on the complex and diverse interfaces of culture, politics and ethics that will be of interest to those working across the fields of philosophy, the social sciences and the arts.

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Key Words: Aesthetics, cultural turn, culture and ethics, ethical turn, interdisciplinarity, postmodernity.


Ben Garner, Sonia Pavlenko, Salma Shaheen and Alison Wolanski

Part I: The Ethical Turn

Time, Interdisciplinarity, and Ethics in Autopoietic Cultures
Scott H. Boyd

Ontological and Political Significance of the Concept of Need in Political Philosophy
Demet Evrenosoglu

Globalisation, Cultural Diversity and the Search for a New Global Ethics
Ben Garner

From Decision to Event: Complicating Badiou’s Politics of Truth
John McSweeney

Ethics in Trouble: A Philosopher’s Role in Moral Practice and the Expert Model of National Bioethics Commissions
Anne Siegetsleitner

Part II: Ethics, Politics, Policy

Italian Mafia in the Spectrum of Culture and Politics
Barış Çaylı

The Justice and Development Party’s Discourse on the Kurdish Question
Nazli Sila Cesur

New Politics, Media and Decline in Participation: Will Citizens Love Politics Again?
Giuliana Di Biase

The Idea of the University: Reshaped by the Bologna Process
Sonia Pavlenko and Cristina Bojan

NPT as a Social Contract: Challenges and Options for 2010 RevCon
Salma Shaheen

Culture, Politics and Ethics: Media Representation of Immigrants and Policy in Canada
Ritendra Tamang

Part III: Ethics and Aesthetics

The Sacrifice Made by Audiences: The Complicit Discomfort of Viewing Performance Art
Angela Bartram and Mary O’ Neill

Inter-Artistic Identities within the Socio-Political Space
Bello Benischauer and Elisabeth M Eitelberger

Benjaminian Memory in the Contemporary Work of Art
Paula Kuffer

Images of the Dead: Ethics and Contemporary Art Practice
Mary O’Neill

Towards a Geopolitical Understanding of Architecture
Alison Wolanski

About the Editors

Ben Garner teaches courses in sociology and international political economy at the University of Manchester (UK). His recently completed doctoral research, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, looks at the relationships between trade and development policy, cultural diversity and neoliberal governmentality.

Sonia Pavlenko is a doctoral candidate at Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Her research is in the field of higher education, with an interest in the philosophy of higher education, higher education policy and reform and the history of educational ideas. During her PhD programme she was the recipient of a Chevening scholarship at University of Oxford, UK.

Salma Shaheen is working as an International Relations Analyst in Strategic Plans Division, Pakistan and looks into nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament issues. She is also part of the visiting faculty of Fatima Jinnah Women University, Pakistan. She holds an M.Phil degree in Defence and Strategic Studies, Quaid-i-Azam University.

Alison Wolanski is a doctoral candidate in Architecture at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland.

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