Communication: Breakdowns and Breakthroughs

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Communication: Breakdowns and Breakthroughs


Edited by Anabel Ternès

Year: 2013

Format: eBook


The volume presents an overview of the current state of international research about the topic of communication and conflict.

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One cannot not communicate, says one axiom of Paul Watzlawick and emphasizes, that everything we do and everything we leave is a message to one’s counterpart. Where communication takes place conflict is close. From misunderstanding to war, from communication refusal to a communication overload: The combination of communication and conflict has different developments. The current book presents various facts of this combination. From an analysis of communicative conflict resolution of the Israel-Palestine-Conflict on Facebook, instances of leadership and communication in the literature of operation Iraqi freedom, political iconoclasm in the digital age on the basis of the death of Osama bin Laden, a social identity perspective on communication about errors in organisations, the overload with online communication at business, how conflict management training works, strategies in the communication of political violence to the influence of mass media on the course of contemporary military conflicts.

Anabel Ternès

Part 1: Communication and Politics

The Question of Revolution and Counter-Revolution inOur Time: On Communicative and Political Failure inthe Face of Rising Right-Wing Authoritarianism
Vladimir Suchan

A Peaceful Net? Intergroup Contact and Communicative Conflict Resolution of the Israel-Palestine Conflict on Facebook
Michelle Ruesch

Kosovo’s Challenges to the New International Order
Larisa Mihalcea

First to Fight, First to Communicate? Instances of Leadership and Communication in the Literature of Operation Iraqi Freedom
Lena-Simone Günther 

Part 2: Communication Breakdowns and Breakthroughs

Communicating ‘Truth’: Challenging Islamophobia
James Carr

Picturing the Death of Osama bin Laden: Political Iconoclasm in the Digital Age
David M. Higgins and Marion G. Müller

Building Reconciliation and Social Cohesion through Cinematic Negotiations of ‘The Stolen Generations’-Issue
Karin Ikas

Representation of Gender Relations in Cypriot Popular Culture: The Cases of the Cypriot Radio Sketch and Cypriot Lifestyle Magazines
Theodora A. Maniou and Irene Photiou

A Telling Tale: A Social Identity Perspective on Communication about Errors in Organisations
Annemiek van Os, Dick de Gilder, Cathy van Dyckand Peter Groenewegen

Part 3: Communication and Management

The Challenges of Online Communication for Business
Anabel Ternès

Management Techniques of Emotions in Communicative Conflict Reduction
Anna Rostomyan

Shared Management among Designers and Administrators: How Constructive Quarrels Improve Communication and Decision Making
Michèle Beaudoin

Part 4: Communication and Violence

The Dehumanised Enemy in the Pacific War Narrativesof Norman Mailer and James Jones
Fraser D. Mann

Outrage in Fallujah: Strategies in the Communication of Political Violence
Brendan Riddick

The Influence of Mass Media on the Course of Contemporary Military Conflicts: A Case Study of the Breakup of Yugoslavia
Małgorzata Smolak

Anabel Ternès is a full professor (PhD, MBA, MA comm. and education), programme director for communication management, director of the IISM at SRH Berlin International Management University, a moderator and communication consultant. She has many years of international management experience.