Giving Voice to Silence

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Giving Voice to Silence


Edited by Robert Hermanson and Clare Mumford

Year: 2016

Format: eBook (PDF)

This book explores the concept of silence in all its complexity, offering global perspectives which range across religious, inter-personal, social and political, literary, spatial and artistic dimensions.

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Silence must be one of the words in the English language that has one of the most varied and bizarrely contradictory set of notions connected to it.  This book explores the multiple dimensions, the binary opposites and contradictions, and gives voice to silence in all its monologic, dialogic and absent glory.  The chapters are collated from authors around the world who came together at an Inter-Disciplinary Press conference in July 2015 to discuss and deliberate on the nature of silence.  Each author provides his or her own particular perspective, resulting in a range of writing which addresses silence across religious, inter-personal, social and political, literary, spatial and artistic dimensions.  The collection as a whole highlights and embraces some of the strange paradoxes of silence and asks an implicit question: how, through giving voice to silence, might we re-imagine what is present, visible and audible in our lives?

Exploring Silence: An Introduction to the Paradoxes
Clare Mumford and Robert D. Hermanson

Silence and Voice in Organization: Who Is the Beneficiary?
Krystyna Adamska

Bataille, Blanchot and Kawara: Confronting the Unsayable and the Impact of Time
Leslie Anne Boldt

Victims, Silence and the Exhumation of Mass Graves
Natalia Maystorovich Chulio

Silence in Academia
Dave Harley

Multiple Silences in a Cacophonous Age
Robert D. Hermanson

Exploring Silence: Yoga Philosophy and the Documentary Film Into Great Silence
Sonika Jain

Silence: A Communicative Act and a Value
Defne Erdem Mete

In the Quiet Space (ITQS):Creating Sacred Quiet Spaces in a Noisy World
Peter Mond

Speaking Up for Silence: A Pedagogical Virtue
Seán Moran

What Does Withholding Mean?
Clare Mumford

The Pedagogy of Silence and the Silence of Pedagogy: The Individual & Society
Vinod Verma

Robert Hermanson, a retired architect, has a Masters Degree in Architecture, U. of Penn. Professor Emeritus at the U. of Utah College of Architecture and Planning. He has also been a visiting professor at CUA, Washington, DC, Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Santa Fe, Argentina and Université Tunis Carthage, Tunisia.

Clare Mumford is an academic researcher interested in organisational relationships, collaboration and communication.  She is currently based at the University of Manchester, UK.  Her PhD thesis from the Open University explored the practice of staying silent in inter-organisational project group work.