The Performance of Celebrity: Creating, Maintaining and Controlling Fame

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The Performance of Celebrity: Creating, Maintaining and Controlling Fame


Edited by Amber Anna Colvin

Year: 2013

Format: eBook


This volume addresses the study of celebrity across a variety of academic disciplines and time periods, with an emphasis on the ways fame is understood and controlled in the celebrity-audience relationship.

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In recent years the study of celebrity, of what constitutes fame, and how that fame is controlled and performed, has become an area of intense scholarly interest. This is due in part to the increased emphasis on social and cultural history and the presence of new and innovative sources, both of which have created new and exciting areas of study. The growing importance and recognition of the celebrity phenomenon has created a field that is both currently rich in literature and has the room for continued scholarship. The works in this volume address debates on the concept of celebrity, including the modernity of celebrity, the importance of the celebrity-audience relationship and the question of who controls celebrity personas. How, in essence, do celebrities ‘do fame?’ This question is at the centre of this book, with the pieces included addressing this idea across a variety of academic disciplines, time periods, and methodological approaches.

Discussions on Celebrity
Amber Anna Colvin

Part 1: Fashioning Celebrity

Oscar Wilde’s Celebrity: Public Persona as a Character
Anna Fomichenko

Fame and Nation: National Identity of Pop Star Justin Bieber
Samita Nandy

‘Ireland’s Sorrow’: Michael Collins, Celebrity and Nationalist Discourse in Irish and British Newspapers
Amber Anna Colvin

Part 2: Celebrities and Cultural Boundaries

‘It’s Not Breeding That Kind of “I’m an Athlete” Arrogance’: Roller Derby and the Construction of Local Celebrities
Jade McDonald

The Israel Celebs Awards: A Critical Analysis
Mira Moshe

The Emergence of the ‘Starchitect’ Category
Andrzej Klimek

En-Nobeling Literary Celebrity: Authorial Self-Fashioning in the Nobel Lectures of Elfriede Jelinek and Harold Pinter
Sandra Mayer

Amber Anna Colvin is a doctoral candidate at the University of Memphis in Memphis, TN. She is currently writing her dissertation, examining the relationships between family portraits of the English monarchy, art patronage and collecting, and diplomacy in the early modern period.